Thursday, October 11, 2012

Controlling SAS/AF Frame Columns

I needed a SAS/AF frame to edit a Base SAS data set. The SAS data set contained six columns and I only wanted to expose the first three to the users. I also noticed on my first attempt that user edits were automatically being converted to uppercase even though there were no settings assignend to the data set's format or informat.

The solution to display the columns was to use an SCL list and assign the list to the SAS data set model's columnorder property. To prevent edits going to uppercase, the columns object uppercase property needed to be set to 'No'.

   mdldata.editmode = 'tableleveledit' ; 
return ;

  dcl list collist ;
  collist = { 'start', 'end', 'label' } ;
  mdldata.columnorder = collist ;

  do i = 1 to 3 ;
    /* allow data to be entered in mixed case */
    /*   */
    mdldata.columns(i).uppercase = 'No' ;
  end ;
  tblviewer._refresh() ;
return ;

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