Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Truncated Record

You can do some pretty nice things using ODS PDF LAYOUT and its ODS TEXT= commands. In my case I was writing some long strings used as paragraphs that did automatic word wrapping when rendered. This all worked great in interactive mode, however, the same could not be said when I took the exact same code and tried to run it as a scheduled task.

The error I would get is TRUNCATED RECORD when running the code in batch. The solution is to have the Task Scheduler call a SAS program that does a %INCLUDE of the original code and contains a LRECL (logical record length) that is greater than the default of 256 bytes. So in the end my batch SAS call looks like this:

%include "e:\mypath\" / source2 lrecl = 32767 ;

Problem solved! The source2 option writes the original included code to the SAS log and I used the maximum record length allowed of 32767.

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